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(Archive May, 2019)


Do you know that one particular tree or a building which you see through your bedroom window every single day? Well this is not the case when you travel and live in a car. The most incredible views that never stay the same, sometimes can take your breath away. Especially in the mornings and evenings, when the sun is rising. and setting, colouring the sky in the most magnificent shades giving the world a magical appearance. It can be so easily missed when living in a static house or a flat.

Every moment missed will never be returned..

Today I want to share the practical aspects - what exactly one needs to keep in mind when preparing to live in a car. It really is a different lifestyle. When I started traveling I didn’t have any expectations, I had to take day by day as it came and adjust and adopt to new ways of living and thinking. PRIORITIES HAVE DEFINITELY CHANGED. I have given up some of the things that I used to like, taking on new habits and learning new routines. Stuff that I used to thought I need (like a new shower head, bigger shelf in a hall way, fluffier rug in the bedroom) does not have any relevance anymore. Space and practicality plays the main role.


Simplicity and a bare minimum is the key. I’ve got rid of most of my belongings, but I feel that I need to do even more decluttering as there are still many things in my car that I don’t use. There’s nothing more distracting than having to move around and dig through stuff to make some space for the basic activities. By living in a small car one just cannot afford anything less but being super organised. Every single gap needs to be well thought out and utilised.


As the car is my home for most of the time, it needs to be as comfortable and practical as possible. Everything therefore needs to be compact to save the space. Basic priorities take lead in making the decisions related to layout. For me the drivers side is my Driving Area, an Office as well as a Chill Out Zone but also a Kitchen in times when I don’t feel like eating outdoors. This side needs to be as clear as possible, so that I can swap the purposes from one to another in a matter of minutes. Also everything needs be at hand, so I don’t have to jump up and down looking or stretching to reach for the things when I need them. The back seats are my Bedroom and Bathroom, and the opened boot is my Terrace :)

Whilst living on the road, you’ll constantly give up and change many previous habits and routines. For instance, I used to sleep like a star fish, but having a backseat as your bed, you just need to become creative and adaptive, or - I used to thought - I’m a tea addict, but having to cope without a hot drinking water, this ‘addiction’ has disappeared in no time. Now I just don’t bother about things that are out of my reach.

Sleeping arrangements

A good rest after a long day travelling shouldn’t be underestimated. For the first few nights after driving long distances, I just laid between the front seats, hoping that this will do the trick. I couldn’t be more wrong - the gear box was digging into my ribs and turning over was a mission impossible. After this suffering I just had to stop and rethink the whole setting and rearrange things to make a proper bed. It was a success. I have two square-shaped leather blocks which i use as a mattress, which can also be taken outdoors and used as comfy seats when chilling. Pillows and blankets are essential as the nights can get cold, and pillows can assist with supporting.


This is another very important aspect. Not always you’ll find a tucked away space like by the bushes, trees or walls, etc. And, yeah, people are naturally curious creatures and will always want to look inside when passing by. So the sunscreens, tinted windows and curtains all can help in this case.


Not always public toilets are available. Here, in Spain, it is very normal to not have them laying around. So the cafes, supermarkets or even Mother Nature has to be the solution as well as, keeping a ‘potty’ or spare disposable plastic cups in the car for those really unbearable moments.

Showering and grooming

Again, not always the public showers will be present, as well as the weather might not be that great to go for a swim in the sea, so the wet wipes can be very handy. In fact they are one of my No 1 on my list, as I still have OCD of wanting to clean my hands after every task or a handshake.

Stuff - depends where you travel

The weather aspect needs to be taken into account and stuff packed accordingly. I travel through sunny Spain where occasionally in the nights it can get a bit cold. For this the pj’s and blankets do the job keeping me warm. I tend to wear easy going comfortable clothes, although - the style is important too. So I have a few items that I can mix and match, easily accessible, but the ones that I have on the bottom of the suitcase never really get to see the daylight. Again, I feel that I need to do more decluttering. I also have a laundry bag where I keep all my dirty washing, and when I get hold of a sink or stay in a hotel for a respite, I wash them all by hand and they dry quickly due the hot weather. If I happen to stay in a camping, they usually have washing machines for the guests to use. I don’t iron my clothes anymore, I just hang them up and they iron themselves in a natural manner. I’m not too fussy. I also have a container with all my toiletries. When possible, I use all in one solutions to save space. I keep it all to a very minimum as there are lots of shops around in case I run out of something.

Drinks and Food

I don’t have a fridge, so the non perishable and raw foods are on my daily diet (seeds, nuts, bran flakes, tinned fish, veg, fruit, etc). I buy some fresh stuff (like salad, milk) when I know I’m gonna use them straight away. I don’t eat cooked food anymore and have my coffee cold. Nutrition is very important. All the food that you eat during the day needs to be well balanced, so that you get a fair amount of the necessary vitamins and minerals that keep you healthy and give the energy. Good hydration is also vital. I love my lemon-water. Lemons are just amazing. They contain plenty C vitamin, help to cleanse the body and strengthen the immune system. They also can be used as an external natural cleansing agents that get rid of the smells and germs.

I hope that I covered the main aspects of living in a small mobile space, but please message me if I missed some information and then I can try to assist you with some other tips. To those who are planning their Trip - I wish you happy travelling.

Love and Peace,


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