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(Archive May, 2019)

“I’m driving like crazy

Looking for a Place

I could call my Home..”


- WTF? Is this really happening?

- Yes it is, and IT’S HAPPENING WITH YOU HERE and NOW.. All is well! JUST SURRENDER because there’s nothing else that you can do..

Wow! It’s suddenly gone so quiet. I can feel a little, pleasant breeze touching my skin and playing with my hair.. I can see strange faces appearing from nowhere, but they all are moving in a slow motion. I can hear the voices, but they all merge into a perfectly beautiful symphony.. What is this magical place!?

Faces starting to ask me some questions but my lips cannot respond.. I’ve got no voice.. Some folks are gathering behind my car.. How the heck can I see them, if I’m facing the front?..

A beautiful sweet face is passing a bottle of water to me, but I’ve got no arms nor desire to accept it.. I don’t need anything.. Nothing’s missing right now. Everything that I’ve ever wanted in life is here in this present moment.. I’m complete! I am one with ALL and Everything, in the same time I AM NOT part of it..

- IT!?

They call it a shock, but now I know exactly what’s hidden behind this artificial term. The humanity tends to put labels on most of the things as they just don’t understand. A shock is nothing but PURE AWARENESS which is even aware of itself. (I was also aware of my conscious mind that was running thousand million thoughts through my physical brain during and minutes after the accident, although these thoughts were kinda numb and blocked from entering this higher consciousness). A shock allows a person to detach from the physical body and enter the OUT OF BODY state enabling one to feel and sense the reality from a completely different perspective. This state has NO EMOTION and it’s MOTIONLESS apart from the spirit floating freely in the void.. there are NO THOUGHTS, only the awareness of thoughts. and the only feeling that there is - is a FEELING OF PEACE.

This state continued for around 2 minutes, then I had to return back in my flesh to do what I do the best on Earth - sort the shit out. Only then I realised that my rear car window was smashed, all my stuff had been scattered all over the place, and I could feel the pain in my back and the head. I’ve got out of the car and noticed that the back and the right side was all squashed and the lights broken. I heard people calling the police and spotted all the cars which had stopped behind me. I saw the red triangle on the ground and the truck driver who hit my car. He didn’t say a word and I also didn’t have any desire to talk. There where no feelings of anger or any other emotions towards this guy. One cannot reverse what’s already done, getting on and moving forward is the only way.

2h later, when some of the matters had been dealt with, police, the helpers and the track driver left, leaving me completely alone on the side of the motorway in the middle of nowhere. But I was kinda glad that they did, because I could once again entered this magical state of awareness, and enjoy the last moments of us - me and my car, my hero, my best friend, my legend - being on a motorway together, until the crane came an took her to the closest garage.

Love and Peace,


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