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And so the Decision was made..

Finally, I had found the courage to GO FOR IT!

Receiving a “NOW or NEVER” message from some mysterious, unseen realms, I gave myself ONE month to wrap it all up.

FOCUSSED and DETERMINED like never before, I ruthlessly got rid of all my stuff, leaving only the survival essentials and my filmmaking gear. I Quit my Job, Quit my flat and cancelled all the subscriptions and contracts.

"What the heck is going on with you? How can you suddenly give it all up, everything that you have worked so hard for?" the little voice in my head as well as some of the people who knew about my crazy plan, was trying to distract me, "It’s just not how you do things. It’s wrong! You should be thinking about your future!"

Follow your heart

But, in fact, that was exactly what I was thinking about - my Future which wasn't promised nor guaranteed. The desire to live my life on my own terms, even it’s meant to be just for ONE day, was stronger than ever, and had taken over my fears and doubts. I just knew - it’s gonna be one of those life changing decisions, I have ever made.

April, 2019

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