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Today, let’s learn from Trees

No matter how strong the winds are, tree always goes back to its standing position.

Wind here representing various temptations such as unhealthy foods, excess spending, obsession with “sex, drugs and rock’n roll” well as what’s happening around us like adverse circumstances, political, cultural issues, physical and mental illnesses, etc.

Whatever that is that we are experiencing right now, the lesson we can learn from trees is - to never give in!

  • So what?! Let it all be.. Let it all go..

Of course, we see and we hear. We also feel, but that’s just a part of having a human experience here on Earth. We cannot eliminate all the triggers and stimuli, but we can for sure control how they affect us. As long as we are fully aware of the problem and our response to it, it can only affect us if we allow it to affect us.

And although we are surrounded by all the other trees, and often we happen to bend in the same direction as the wind blows, we have our own roots. We’re strong!

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