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I received a phone call - someone opened up to me like never before! And with a little support from my attentive ear, he made a decision to follow his heart and go live life the way he wants to live it. That made my day..

How many times we’ve heard people saying - It’s the Society, it’s the System.. We’re trapped.. But, it’s only when we understand that nothing and nobody holds us back apart from ourselves, when we finally can find the way how to release our bodies and mind from the chains, that prevent us from attaining our OWN FREEDOM.

It’s only when we had enough of pretending to be someone that we’re not, we can suddenly see that we don’t have to oblige to anything if we don’t want to. If the feeling of frustration is strong enough, we need to make it to work for us rather than against us, and only then the magical transformation can start. THIS IS A FREE WORLD. If you have a strong will and desire to change your current circumstances, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!

To get free of debt is possible. People have done it! To get sober and clean from drugs is possible. People have done it! To get in a better shape is possible. People have done it! To get out of a toxic relationship is possible. People have done it! .. Whatever that is what’s holding you back right now, you can end it at your free will. And Shhhhh…. Don’t tell me you can’t! PEOPLE HAVE DONE IT!

Today, go do ONE THING which makes you feel closer to your future Self, whether that is learning a few new cords so that you can become a rockstar, get some art supplies so that you can finally start on that art piece you’d always dreamt about painting, make yourself sit in front of camera talking, dancing, doing some comedy.. so that you can become a Youtuber, write an article so that you can become a blogger, look at some van conversion projects so that you can go travel the world.. Whatever that is you’re dreaming about - Get up and start doing it all right now, FEEL IT, LIVE IT as if it had already happened, and you will be pleasantly surprised how fast things will start to move to make your dream a reality.

But, of course, it all depends on - HOW BADLY YOU WANT IT!?

Best of luck,


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