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Survey Results

We have 104 responses so far on the Survey I put up a few days ago. It was a simple, 3 question survey, mainly, as I wanted to establish the overall feel of how satisfied people are with their lives, and listed some general areas to see what could be the cause of negative emotions like sadness, frustration, boredom, despair, anger, etc.

Firstly, here are the results.

Q1 How satisfied are you with Life?

45% answered that they are 80% satisfied

29% that they are 100% satisfied

17% - 50% satisfied

And fewer are 20% satisfied or 100% unsatisfied

Q2 What's missing in your Life?

70,6% answered that some areas in life can be improved

23,5% - nothing can be improved

The rest said that everything needs to be improved

Q3 What areas in Life you would like to improve?

23,1% said that Personal Relationships and/or Love could be improved

22,1% - that Health and Fitness needs attention

13,5% - that something that wasn’t listed in the survey could be improved

9,6% - Money and Mental aspects such as behaviour, addictions, self esteem, etc needs attention

Fewer went for all the other options.

Although, it’s not a vast amount of people participating here, in comparison of the population with over 7 billion people living on Earth, but it can give some good insights such as Health, Relationships, Love and Money had always been and always will be one of the main aspects in life where our focus goes. It could mean a good thing to our self and social development if we have enough courage to look for solutions, but it can be a total disaster to those who are not doing that well in terms of finding strength, willpower and support.

The truth is, that worries, unhappiness, fear and all the other negative emotions and feelings that we experience, causes the ripple effect and brings back more of whatever that is we don’t like about our lives. This in turn, gives us even more of those bad feelings and emotions which all contributes to our mental health. We can only do well if our mind is healthy…

I will be making more detailed surveys soon, so that we can figure out how and where we can find better, more effective solutions and enable ourselves to live life we deserve.

I invite you to leave your thoughts in the comment section or send me your message via the contact form below.

Love and peace,


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