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(Archive May, 2019)

In a few days I have driven through three borders at a speed of light only to realise that there is no such place as a Paradise. And so, EXTERNAL HAPPINESS DOESN’T EXIST! It has to be generated from within. Of course, the environment can play a big role - the weather, the look and feel of the place, residents and visitors, but primarily, the satisfaction and contentment needs to come from within.

Our conscious mind is a helpless judge. It cannot help but connect to the collective mind and make conclusions, label things and constantly give ourselves ‘the right advise’. Whereas our heart knows none of that. In fact, she doesn’t even care. - TO HELL WITH CIRCUMSTANCES, I make reality. We either listen to our heart and play along, risking everything, or desperately hold on to an illusion - the world we had been taught to know, follow the crowd, pleasing the society, being in the good books.. in the same time feeling miserable and enslaved in our own little prisons.

Sod that kind of life!

When we follow our heart, intuition or so called, gut feeling, no matter how irracional it all sounds, we just cannot lose. Yes, the beginning can be challenging when we start disconnecting from the life we always knew, but when we keep the shit together and allow these new experiences happen to us, it will sooner or later make sense. As long as we keep that vision bright and going, as long as we get excited every time we think about it, as long as we can feel it.. it’s real! And if you know it’s real - it’s achievable!

One thing leads to another and so on, don’t interfer, LET THE MAGIC HAPPEN! It will as long as you play the main character.

Love and Peace,


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