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My Shop - Selective Choices vs Minimalism

Some people are hoarders, some extreme minimalists, but I have discovered that being mindfully selective is the best way to be.

When I decided to get rid of almost everything that I owned, it was because these items didn’t bring any value to my life. I managed to decrese my ownings leaving only essentials which I could easily fit in my little car. At first, it was an amazing feeling not having Stuff that holds me back, It was only when I stopped rushing from one country to other, I could feel I missed my art supplies, as I love making Art, better filmmaking gear which could help me to make better videos, music studio equipment, as writing music and sharing it with others brings me joy. Also, as I lived on the road in a tiny car, I didn;t have any electricity supply apart from the 12V cigarette point when I was driving, I had no shower, not even a decent matress to sleep on. Yes, I was happy with my new lifestyle, of course, I had always found a parking spot close to public toilets or McDonald, booked cheap hotels every other day to shower, wash my clothes, charge all my devices, etc.. but I knew that sooner or later I will want to take a break from travelling and engage my Mind in various creative activities, which all require some kind of supplies, as well as I will need to come up with the solutions to improve the quality of my off grid life. So, I learned to become minfully selective in my choices in how I shop and what I buy.

Shop Boots
Good old Boots

In my Shop I sell Items which I either have bought for my work as a Youtuber, for my hobbies or to improve my off grid live style. I also have a list of Items I wish I had opportunity to buy as well as the Items which you have suggested as being a real problem solver (refer to Categories). All the links will take you to Amazon site, and if you purchase anything, I will get a small commission, which will help me keep going and make more videos, blogs and give me more time for interaction.

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