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Many Faces of Naked Traveler

Have you ever felt like there's MORE THAN JUST ONE YOU? So have I.

In this article I want to talk about our Alteregos. How to detect them and make them do things for us, improving our lives dramatically. (you can also WATCH video here: )

Now, life is a stage and we all are performers whether we accept it or not. We think we are this one particular person, but in fact on daily basis we requier to perform specific roles at work, at home, when going out, meeting friends, etc. Every area requires us to act differently (for example, if your work in a workplace with strict internal rules you will tend to act as this abiding guy, just to avoid the wrong attention.. and this list just goes on). These are roles created by Society, which people choose to play in order to fit in. Unfortunately, not much joy comes out of these role plays, in fact, they have left people feeling drained, frustrated and miserable.

So in the world where Society is the Executive film director, how the hell we can remain truthful to our individual selves and live happier lives?

Mainly, we need to find the perfect balance so that, when it happens and we have to perform in a role created by the Society, it won’t hurt or upset us that much.

How to do it?

First of all, we need to be honest with ourselves and try to detect as many so called Alteregos hidden within us as we can. They are characters which consciously or subconsciously are created by us, and are part of our own Ego which stands for “Mine, I, Me, Needs, Wants, Desires.. “ And honestly, they are the ones which give us all that suffering, so we need to find them and take control.

In order to detect them we want to be looking for the suppressed energy, something that because hasn’t been released, it hurts, annoys, makes us angry. We need to analyse ourselves on a deeper lever, including addressing our Dark side, about which I will tell you a bit later in this article.

Now, to help you detect your Alteregos I will share few of mine, to show how much human they can actually feel:

So this first Alterego plays a big role in my current life. He’s name is:

Deniss - He is a showman, entertainer, likes attention, he’s all about having fun and enjoying what’s there for him. And just because of Deniss I have met the most incredible people from all around the world, because of him I have created my Youtube channel and other profiles, so he can keep people entertained.

Then there’s Naked Traveler - who is adventurous, likes exploring the unknown, trying out new things. Just because of her I have travelled all over the places, lived in a vehicle, become a naturist..

Here i want to say that most Alteregos have an opposite side, like Ying and Yang which is there to balance out too much of something that a character might possess.

So the Opposite characters to Deniss and Naked Traveler are:

Farmer John - who’s just a simple country guy, who doesn’t like hassle, he just goes out and about his day doing his own thing.

Then there’s the Loner - same as John, she likes her own space, away from everybody and everything, but she’s not lazy like the

Couch Potatoe - who just wants to get all cozy, eat and scroll social media, basically do nothing. This character was dominating my life when I had a full time job and every time when I had a day off, I felt so drained and all i wanted was to chill.

The next bunch of Alteregos I have is the:

Cat Lady - she likes all pink, soft, sweet, cute and romantic who’s Opposite is the

Iron Lady - who finds all the romantic and cute a waste of time. She goes conquers the world, is unapproachable and has this “I can do it all by myself” attitude. This character has helped me to deal with all my heartbreaks n past, and helped to find my feet back on the ground and move on.

Then there’s this :

Wise Man - who scans through all the information gathered during the day, analyses, tries to find some hidden secrets coming up with formulas to improve future. He tends to think and rethink before acting whereas the

Spontanious Me - is the complete opposite. She goes with the flow, acts on urges and tends to make split second decisions. Because of his character I was able to leave everything behind and go explore the world, she has also contributed in writing all my songs..

Now, by showing you these opposite characteristics within me I wanted to highlight how crucial is for one to accept these dual, kind of self contradicting energies within us in order to become a more flexible person, the one who possesses the ability to adjust, bend and mould themselves into any shape without feeling upset if the need to play one of those Society roles suddenly presents itself.

So these next two Alteregos I have, I see as Neutral energies which don’t have any significant downsides, and i haven’t felt the need to find specific Opposites to balance them out.

So there’s this:

Tea Lady - who’s polite, sweet and empathic. She likes to surprise people with gifts without expecting anything back, and tends to send out good vibes wherever she goes. Here i really want to take opportunity to thank England for bringing this side of mine out. Living there for 15 years has been more than worth it. And Yes, her kindness sometimes can be exploited by scams and twats but then any of the previously mentioned Alteregos can come and help to prevent this from happening.

And last but not least, there’s:

Konchita - who stands for equality and non-judgement. Men and Women, Normal and Weird, Rich and Poor.. We all are the same in the eyes of God, and I m not even religious.

Now, as I said before, the truth is that we just cannot help but to have that self image which we’re trying to maintain. And so, by holding on to this one particular character, this Imaginary Persona, it’s blocking our natural energy field. Our Alteregos are nothing but energy which wants to express itself so badly in one way or other. And when we suppress it, most often this energy is escaping anyway, without us even noticing it, as an outburst of anger, frustration, sadness, despair, making us stressed and miserable.

On the top of all that there’s that Dark Side of ours which is another form of energy, but because it’s called Dark, it doesn’t mean that it’s a bad thing. It’s just that it is the strongest, most powerful energy located deep within us which can be hard to detect and understand, what it is all about. But it is there where the truth lies. It is there we can find our burning passions and sense of purpose. Unfortunately, not many of us have found courage to go deeper and understand what our passions are, thus energy has been left there to linger around uncontrolled, abandoned, trying to break out as anger, sorrow, frustration.. ruining our own and lives of others, whereas this energy just needs to be acknowledged, accepted and expressed in the best way possible.

We need to learn to turn this dark energy into creative energy and have fun with it.

Here to mention that since i have embraced my Dark side, turning this energy into filmmaking, storytelling, acting, I feel less of the negative feelings. Plus, when mind is occupied and focussed on doing something you love to do, it’s impossible to feel bad emotions.


Returning to Alteregos, they are there to help us to bring the best out, by saying the best i mean, staying close to our true selves as possible in order to make it through whilst remaining happy, but without upsetting or offending others. We are not alone, and we just need to deal with it. Nobody will adjust to us, it’s us who need to adjust to others and life around us. And we can do it successfully, and our Alteregos and their Opposites can really help us to do very, very well. We just need to lighten up and let them come out and play, and the more we will do, the more we will find out about each of them. And the more we find out about each of them, the easier it will be to ask them for favours and improve our lives dramatically.

The art or point here is that instead of dressing up to bring out certain traits, behaviours, characteristics we need to learn how to switch from one Alterego to another at any time, any place, safely and in a friendliest, kindest manner possible. We, the Awareness behind us, in my case, not Leila, but the Higher Self, needs to take control, and by taking control I mean - keep truthful to my higher values and be open to receive but also send out more of that what makes this world a better place.

And to conclude, I just wanted to mention that we can also create Alteregos from scratch, consciously. For example, if you feel like you’re lacking confidence or social skills, create a confident, outgoing character and start playing it.

Practice makes it perfect, the more you play it the natural it will feel, and one day - YOU WILL OWN IT!!!

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