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Let 'em hate you!

A wise man once said - “I'd rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I’m not”.

You have learned the Mastery of being Yourself when you don't feel the need to please the others or prove anything to anybody. You either are or you don't.

It puts a massive pressure on your life when you constantly need to remember who you supposed to be - act in a certain way, buy certain things so that you appear cooler, richer, healthier, happier..

And no matter how hard you strive to become something that you are not, the veil of lies will sooner or later be lifted and then you might loose all your followers that fell in love with you for the wrong reasons. And then what? A sad truth that you have cheated yourself all the way, wasting your life by running after the self created, illusionary image of yourself, totally neglecting your own needs, preferences and desires.

But it's up to you, you choose!

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