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Hey All,

I know, I haven’t posted here for a while, but I’m not gonna go all the way to find reasonable excuses. We all have had momentums as well as times when something hasn’t felt quite right. As this blog is more like my personal diary which I share with others, it has to feel right for me to write something which either inspires and motivates the reader rather than publishing a meaningless crap.

Just going through my lost posts from the very beginning of my journey and decided to upload them as Archived content, as I really believe some of them radiate that raw emotion and true feelings, which I had when started all this vagabonding thing. That also was the main intent of my journey - share everything - crazy thoughts, mental struggles, ups and downs, good and bad, whatever happened and how I felt about it, as my life transited from the reality to the one I desired to live.

See how it goes, but I would love to write and share more articles here, inspiring others to be brave and go for it! We only have one life and it is damn short. It would be a shame to waste this precious time doing things we don’t like, coping with painful circumstances, obeying rules and tolerating assholes. I’m not an expert, but I have a little bit of experience and, I really hope to share it with you and others. In the same time welcoming comments with your thoughts and experiences as well as writing your own articles here (message me if you wish to do that).

PS From now, along with the new posts here I will also share my few old ones which will be stated as "Archive.. month, year" Meanwhile follow my up to date stories on my Youtube Channel here:

Thank you for SUBSCRIBING and SUPPORTING us!

Love and Peace,

Yours Leila

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