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Happy Halloween

Halloween, one of my favourite times of the year.

Firstly, because I love dressing up as different characters to bring more fun to life but also because of The Witch character being one of my favourites. In Halloween I can freely express the mysterious side of mine without others having to question me about it extensively (lol)

Despite of all the negative associations of Witches in past, in my mind they are Symbols of our feminine side (there’s Yin and Yang or the feminine and masculine energy in both sexes), which can help us to understand ourselves better as well as to move through life with kindness and empathy towards our fellow beings and nature.

Don't fight it, learn to LOVE IT instead!

This time it’s a short writing from me. Just wanted to wish you all the best. Have lots of fun and embrace your sweetness and sexiness. Without Witches the world would be a boring place.

Also CHECK OUT my first Photo Gallery here:

WATCH my Witchy performance on my Youtube ASMR Channel here:

Love and Peace,


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