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Have you ever heard people saying - “Back to Reality!” - especially after them coming back from a holiday or having a long weekend off? Yes, me too, far too many times..

That’s because this Time Off Work have given them an opportunity to get away from life they dislike, and so, when the holiday is over they are feeling trapped again, clearly blaming life and others for their circumstances by saying - “Back to Reality”, whereas in fact, they should be saying - “BACK TO MY REALITY”.

Our Life is a Reflection of our inner state which has taken a material shape, following our own Actions, triggered by our Feelings and Thinking, which all comes down to our Beliefs which are stored deep in our subconscious mind. Those who dislike or even hate their reality, the feeling they get when they are on a vocation is something they believe is dream-like, unreal and normally not achievable.


The truth is that most of the people live after this basic pattern - they go to school, get educated so that they can find a better job, earn more money, buy a flashy car, bigger house, more clothes, gadgets… meanwhile trying to save up for the pension, so that when it finally comes, they can become free and live life on their own terms happily ever after. Unfortunately, it rarely happens, the worst scenario being - they die before the retirement, the best - yes now they have all this time to do what they like but they still can’t do it coz now they have diabetes, which puts a massive strain on their health and wellbeing, or they might have arthritis which prevents them from moving around..

My encouragement was my own mum, who was working hard all her life in a cold, wet, windy country, saving money, dreaming about the retirement when she will go visit warm countries, lay in the sun and finally get to wear her beautiful summer dresses.. Then she got a cancer, within 12 months she passed away which was just one year before she would retire. All mum’s summer dresses were given away to the ‘Red Cross’ so that someone else can finally enjoy wearing them…

In this article, my intentions are not making you feel bad about your life, but help you to become aware of the fact that your physical life is a product of your mental state, and that instead of blaming life, the System and others, you should first attend your own mind.

In order to change your life for the better you need to find the underlaying factors that prevent you from succeeding. It could be that you have learned to believe that life is a struggle, that the power belongs only to the riches, that you have no looks, no skills, not enough money to go do something else in life. Or you might believe that everyone has their own destiny which was written in the stone well before we were born. It is so important to trace all our beliefs about life and ourselves, and after we have done that, we must understand that those are NOT OUR BELIEFS, but the ones which we have inherited from our mum, dad, grandmother, neighbours, friends, media.. Perhaps you can recall times when mom was saying - “We gotta work hard to put bread on the table!” or the sibling pointing at the neighbours house - “Those rich bastards, they have everything. We have nothing!”

Once we understand that almost all of our beliefs are ‘borrowed’ from somebody else, we can then start departing with them so that we free space for the new beliefs to enter as we welcome them. Yes, we gotta become truly aware of what kind of thoughts we let into our mind. Do they promote prosperity, health, wellbeing, love, happiness.. or..?

If you find it hard to do this on your own, I suggest that you pick up books or start watching videos on the subject “Power of Human Mind” and “Law of Attraction”. Do what it takes but you gotta understand that it is up to you to GIVE YOURSELF A PERMISSION TO CHOOSE YOUR OWN LIFE STORY.

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