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Give it all Up before it’s too late

Most of the motivational speakers will tell you - Keep pushing, keep trying, NEVER Give Up! - but despite of us following their teachings, we keep failing, and are left with feelings of frustration, despair and unhappiness.

Why is that why we cannot Succeed?

If we look carefully at the model of the “Success” we find that it actually has nothing to do with what makes us Successful, but more of what the others expect from us. The word "Success" is generalised and mostly associated with attaining more money, owning a big house, having a clear career plan, follow the latest trends, finding the ideal partner, having a full house with well educated kids, etc. We can clearly see that it’s an idealised model, but the fear of appearing like a looser amongst the other citizens, keeps us on the edge, and we keep striving anyway..

To escape this vicious cycle, in March 2019 I decided to leave the Society for a while in order to disconnect from the “Normal”, open up my mind and find the alternative ways of living. Also to understand what the word “Success” really meant for me.

( Watch the Summary of my journey here: )

As time passed, I was slowly but surely shifting away from the “Normal” and ordinary to a completely different reality. Now that I had all this time for myself to do my own thing, each day brought more and more joy and peace to my mind, inevitably leading me to the discovery that being Successful is not something that is external, but rather a feeling which can only come from within.. As a proof to this, I kept meeting more and more, satisfied with life people, but none of them were wearing suits, had loads of money and fancy cars. Most of them were simple folks such as street musicians, artists, hippies, farmers, back-packer travellers, freelancers.. They were real people with the real life stories which, funny enough, had all started with GIVING UP…

Now, looking back, I know, that one of my greatest life achievements has been having the opportunity to learn about the Art of Giving up. Firstly, experiencing it through my own mind by feeling a strong urge to get rid of all the material stuff, to quit my day job and abandon the “Normal World”, not knowing the right way, but going for it anyway, feeling scared but providing myself with lots of self-reassurance. I just knew that this was the Deal Maker if I ever wanted to find the answers and Succeed..

Nevermind the school teachings, prayers of our gurus and living examples of all the Success stories on social media, it is crucial that we Stop lying to ourselves, stop holding, clinging on to something that doesn’t reflect who we are and bring any value to our lives. We need to find what drives us instead! What makes us jump out of the bed in the mornings? What gives us tingles? What makes us to skip the mealtimes? What increases our energy levels? What makes our feet move and heart beat faster? Once we have found the driving force we should then use it to the fullest to make things happen and improve our lives.

But .. Here’s the next Trap.

Have you ever committed yourself to something that had inspired you greatly, only to find that after a while the magic had disappeared and you no longer feel excited about it? .. But you continue to dedicate your time and energy into this activity anyway, because we've been taught that jumping from one thing to another is an immature behaviour, which can give an impression about us being somebody who doesn’t take life seriously..

Firstly, life is not a funeral, it doesn’t have to be serious. Secondly, we should never forget that life is a constant learning school. Our journey through life consists of millions little steps, where one’s connected to another, where one experience leads us to the next one. We can, of course, remain ignorant performing the general sleepwalking, and life will happen to us anyway, but if we want to be involved and help ourselves to Succeed, we need to take responsibility. We need to become fully aware of our FEELINGS and EMOTIONS, for these are the only indicators that give us the insight of where we are in life, and when we should take the next step.

Again, the teachings of Giving Up will be crucial here.

Hobbies, interests, tasks, jobs, people, places.. Whatever that is what made us happy a while ago, might not excite us anymore. And that’s completely fine. That means, you have gathered all the benefits from this experience and now it’s time to move on. It’s time to free your mind and make space for the next thing that will take you even further into the self-discovery. Clinging on to something prevents us from progress, it takes up our precious time and attention which should be used for our growth and self-development instead.


If something doesn’t excite you anymore - Give it Up! Learn to say “No” to Everything and Everyone who interfiers with your own free will, even if it means breaking relationships and burning the bridges.. In the end of the day, it’s your live and it’s up to you to make it a Success, doing what you love to do, or a complete failure by being that Good Guy, doing things “right” to please others.

And if you still are confused of what makes you a Successful person, the easiest way is to measure Success is by the level of happiness within you. What makes you happy, makes you Successful!

Love and Peace,


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