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So, that day has finally come! The frustration about your current situation has grown like a giant red balloon threatening to explode in any minute, and you just know - it’s time to take action and change your life for the better.

Well done!

You have the best intentions, but no matter what you do, how hard you try, the magic just isn’t working, and you keep finding yourself in the same place you have always been. Why!?

Have you heard the saying - Don’t burn the bridges!?


Have you had a ‘Back up Plan’ in place since you started to act on your frustration trying to change your life for the better?


Now, What if I tell you that there are no bridges? What if it’s just another stereotype which keeps us fearing the system, makes us obey the rules and prevents us from achieving individual freedom? What if it’s just a scam, perished by the collective mind (main stream public, society) which is always fearful, afraid of loosing material things and status?

When we hold on to something from the past, It’s like a rubber string where one end is attached to the present life, and the other - to our neck, which only allows us to walk so far, before we get pulled back by the force (influence). When we keep something as a ‘Back up plan’, in case things go wrong, we implant our subconscious mind with self-doubt and disbelieve that things can actually go right. We instantly connect to this ‘Looser frequency’ and keep manifesting things that lead us back to where we came from.

The old patternsof thinking, rotten believes, behaviours, routines.. clearly, none of that was helping you to succeed! So, F**K IT! In order to move forward, we need to completely disconnect from the past, opening up to the new world which is full of exciting opportunities, endless choices and possibilities.

Would you not want to check them out?

Best of luck,


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