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A Blank page waiting for me to turn thoughts into words..

But, what if I have nothing to say?! What if I don’t want to say anything? Would you forgive me..?

So I write, coz I’m nice!

But, don’t we all are? We have learned the Art of Being Nice so well, to keep The Someone else happy, That one or Them who rule our life from the day we were born, who labeled us as Jasmine, Jeremy, Little Pickle, Pink Cheeks, Dickhead.. We’ve been kept to live with certain people in a certain area, country, continent.. We’ve been taught to communicate in a certain language, obey specific rules and traditions.. And this nonsense continues throughout our life because The Someone else knows better how, where, when and why we should live it. They will always tell us what to buy, eat, wear and say, how to walk, where to work, what’s bad, what’s good for us. Listening to all this, our minds have become lazy, refusing to think for ourselves. Feeling overwhelmed we rely on the collective mind to make all the decisions for us. It’s easier, faster, and it’s been done before, so it must be safer..

Meanwhile, we cannot stop wondering why life still goes on with or without us..

And yes, we always kinda knew it, but where do we start? Do we just detach from everything and walk away? With no second thought, with nothing but Faith in our heart? To step away from the known into unknown, it’s just silly! What if all goes horribly wrong?

And it will! since nobody can tell us what is right and what is wrong. It will all come down to our beliefs of who we think we are and who we think we can become.. Yes, the change is scary, but still - we cannot manifest a brand new life by doing things in the same old way. In order to see the stars we gotta be willing to walk in the dark.

And what are stars anyway? Planets? Meteoryts? Most certainly, if you listen to The Someone else! But what if I tell you that the stars can be anything you like them to be? How about them being your deepest dreams and desires? How about them being the light deep within your heart? How about them gazing at you not the other way round? Or, how about forgetting of being nice and everything else, finally allowing ourselves to get lost in the moment?

The page can stay blank until we’re ready to write something meaningful on it..

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