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Hell Yeah

Successful landing huh!? Well here we are. Welcome to my OpenMinded Page! Here I will be sharing all and everything regardless of what's accepted as normality. There's always something they don't like us to say or do. There's always something wrong in how we look and behave.. Obey the guidelines, they say! Haha, I'm laughing but it truly makes me sick acknowledging that society is still stuck in their own little narrow-minded heads pointing fingers at each other, moulding everyone to be, do and look the same, making this world a really gloomy, sad and boring place. Whatever it is I'm done with it! 

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Since I learned to write I've been writing diaries which not only have helped me immensely to become a stronger person but also find my own way out of THE TRAP. Ironically it's much easier than we first anticipate, but it has taken me years if not decades to understand this. 

And so, as I'm still writing diaries, and same as to everyone else life still presents me with things to deal with, I thought, perhaps I can just share some of the insights from my personal life in a form of articles, quotes, paintings, drawings, photos and videos (not such as the ones you normally see on youtube or some of my other social platforms) and perhaps through these sharings inspire you to live happier and fuller lives. 


This idea had been in my head for the past year or so, but I never got around it. Or shall I say, it wasn't the right time, but a few days ago something happened, which brought me right back to it. So welcome to my UNCENSORED SPACE - a space of freedom of self-expression. JOIN below and see you on the other side :)

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